Women’s Development Cell

The Objective of the WDC is to create awareness and inculcate a sense of value in the younger generation so that they may differentiate the right from the wrong.

1) To take care of the problems and matters related to the Women Staff and Students.
2) To Make arrangements for the infrastructure needed for Women in the Campus

It is a special cell to inculcate the self-reliance, boldness, and Confidence in the girl Students, so that, they can march shoulder to shoulder with their male counter part.

“Women empowerment is the motto of the cell”

The cell organizes various encouraging activities, Counseling sessions, awareness campaign to develop their confidence and prepare them to meet the challenges ahead.

For the benefit of Women Student to know about the campus WDC conduct orientation programme regularly for Ist year Students. Awareness programme about environment and health are also conducted. Pongal celebration are also conducted with grand manner to know about the tradition and culture. International women’s day are celebrated for their empowerment. To motivate their talents cultural events and competition are conducted every year.


Mrs. Umaa Parameswari,

Assistant Professor,

P.G.Department of English.

Rajapalayam Rajus’ College.