Projects 5 Yrs

Name of the Project/ Endowments, ChairsName of the Principal Investigator/Co-investigatorDepartment of Principal InvestigatorYear of AwardAmount SanctionedDuration of the projectName of the Funding AgencyType  (Government/non-Government)
Major Project  – (Political writings and Literature in Madras Presidency 1917-47)Dr.V.VenkatramanHistory200910,28,200 ₹3 yearsUGCGovt
 Major Project  -(Studies of Agrarian Terms in Later Pandya Inscriptions (CE-1280-1500))Dr.P.ChandrasekaranHistory20137,53,800 ₹3 yearsUGCGovt
Minor Project – (Socio-Economic Conditions on Women Workers of Construction Industry In Virudhunagar , Tamil Nadu )Dr.L.RengarajanCommerce20141,75,000 ₹2 yearsUGCGovt
Minor Project – (Electronic Banking Services of Public Sector Commercial Banks in Rajapalayam)Dr.E.L.RamarCommerce20141,80,000 ₹2 yearsUGCGovt
Minor Project – (Performance Evaluation of Lead Bank Scheme in Rajapalayam Taluk)Mr.A.SurendranCommerce20142,25,000 ₹2 yearsUGCGovt
Minor Project – (A Study on Super (A, D)-H-Antimagic Covering of Graphs)Dr.S.David laurenceMathematics20142,00,000 ₹2 yearsUGCGovt
Minor Project – (Ritual  Practices of Nariguravas in Rajapalayam Taluk)Dr.K.AlagarTamil20151,50,000 ₹2 yearsUGCGovt
Minor Project – (A Comparative Study of Employed and Unemployed Married Women with Reference to South Tamil Nadu )Mr.P.R.RamjiBBA20151,00,000 ₹2 yearsUGCGovt
Minor Project – (History Worship and Anthropological Concerns of Samadhi Temples in Virudhunagar District)Mr.K.Kandasamy pandianTamil20171,10,000 ₹2 yearsUGCGovt