Publications 5 Years

Sl.NoTitle of paperName of the author/sDepartment of the teacherName of journalYear of publicationISBN/ISSN numberLink of the recognition in UGC enlistment of the Journal
1A Kinetic study of Current distribution by electrodeposition in Copper coatingsS.R.Rajkumar*, M. AlagarPhysicsReview of Research JournalFeb-142249894X  
2Numerical Modeling on Anodic Chronopotentiometric Transients for the Electrochemical Sensing of Methyl SalicylateM.Kanagasabapathy Chemistry Analytical and Bioanalytical ElectrochemistryDec-1420084226 
3On super (a, d)-Ph-Antimagic total labeling of StarsS.David laurence *, K.M.KathiresanMathematics AKCE International Journal of Graphs and CombinatoricsJul-159728600  
4Methyl Salicylate detection via electrochemical transients using nano spinel Co3O4  flimsM.Kanagasabapathy Chemistry Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry Jul-1515726657  
5On super (a,d)-H-antimagic total covering of star related graphsS.David laurence* , K.M.KathiresanMathematicsDiscussiones Mathematicae – Graph TheoryNov-1512343099  
6Experimental Simulation Analysis of Current Density Distribution by Kirchhoff’s Laws in a Resistor network cell modelS.R.Rajkumar*, M. AlagarPhysics(IASIR) American International journal of Research in Science, Technology, engineering & MathematicsDec-1523283491 
7Aabuthirakaviyam – oru- AiyvuK.VanideviTamilJournal of Modern TamilMar-162321984X  
8Characteristics Portrayal of Nano CexMy O1-x+y (M=Zn, Mg & Ni)P.SuriyakalaPhysicsMedziagotyraJun-1613921320  
9Chittrililakiyangalil Valviyal PathipugalK.VanideviTamilJournal of Modern TamilJun-162321984X  
10N-H…O hydrogen bonded novel nonlinear optical semiorganic crystal studied through theoretical and experimental methodsM.RajaPhysicsJournal of Molecular StructureNov-16222860  
11Simulation of Miller Indices For Ax B(x-1) Binary Alloys & Solid SolutionsM.Kanagasabapathy*, K.Sivaramoorthy*Chemistry & PhysicsManufacturing Engineering Dec-163610853  
12Total Edge Irregularity Strength For Three Classes of GraphsR.Ramalakshmi,* K.M.KathiresanMathematicsUtilitas MathematicaJan-173153681  
13Manimakalai kattum AramK.VanideviTamilJournal of Classical TamilMar-1723210737  
14Structural, spectral ,quantum chemical and thermal studies on a new NLO crystal : guanidinium cinnamateM.RajaPhysicsJournal of Materials Science: Materials in ElectronicsMay-179574522  
15The total Edge Irregular Strength of the Path Union of CyclesS.David laurence,* K.M.KathiresanMathematicsUtilitas MathematicaNov-173153681  
16Neethineri vilakam kattum valviyal kurugalK.AlagarTamilShanlax International Journal of Tamil StudiesDec-1724543993  
17Looking Beyond the screen: A study of Shashi Tharoor’s  Show BusinessDr. M.MurugananthamEnglishLiterary Endeavour Jan-180976299X  
18Immoral Traffic–Prostitution:Indian Press on the Abolition of Devadasi System in the Madras Presidency, 1927-1949Dr.V.VenkatramanHistory Social Science Research NetworkMar-1815565068  
19Salt Satyagraha: The Preventive Measures and Counter Propaganda of the British in the Madras Presidency, 1930-1931Dr.V.VenkatramanHistory Social Science Research NetworkMar-1815565068  
20Why Am I an Atheist? Of Bhagat Singh at Crossroads in the Madras Presidency, 1931-1934Dr.V.VenkatramanHistory Social Science Research NetworkMar-1815565068  
21British vs English: The Pro-Gandhian Attitude of European Elites in the Civil Disobedience Movement in Tamil Nadu 1930–1932Dr.V.VenkatramanHistory Social Science Research NetworkMar-1815565068  
22Was Madras Benighted?: The British Beauracratic control over the Swadeshi Press and Political Literature in the Madras Presidency, 1908-1912Dr.V.VenkatramanHistory Social Science Research NetworkMar-1815565068  
23Thirukural kattum virunthompal muraiK.AlagarTamilTamilaivu SangamamMar-1823491639  
24Rajapalayam gurusamy samathu kovil varalarum valipadumK.KandasamypandianTamilTamilaivu SangamamMar-1823491639  
25Annan mar swamy kathayil valipaduC.Mythili rajTamilTamilaivu SangamamMar-1823491639   
26Oli pranthadhu  Puthinam- Oru AivuK.VanideviTamilJournal of Modern TamilMar-182321984X  
27A study on Financial Performance of  Ramanathapuram District Sarvodaya  Sangh, SrivilliputturA.GayathriCommerceJournal of Commerce Mar-1822772146  
28Press, Politics and Public Opinion: Women’s Rights Movement in Colonial Tamil Nadu 1850-1947Dr.V.VenkatramanHistory Social Science Research NetworkApr-1815565068  
29Unsung Swadeshi Militant Nationalists of TamilnaduDr.V.VenkatramanHistory Social Science Research NetworkApr-1815565068  
30Women in National Politics and Freedom StruggleDr.V.VenkatramanHistory Social Science Research NetworkApr-1815565068  
31The Society of Kongunadu Through the Inscriptions of Seven Kongu Saivaite TemplesDr.V.VenkatramanHistory Social Science Research NetworkApr-1815565068  
32Awareness of Beneficiaries About Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Virudhunagar District – Application of Sign TestR.A. JeyakumarCommerceJournal of Rural and Industrial developmentApr-1823211873