P.G. and Research Department of History

Rajapalayam Rajus’ College was founded in 1973 by the philanthropist of Rajus’ Community of Rajapalayam with the aim of imparting higher education to the students having rural and comparatively backward r.07egions like Rajapalayam and surrounding villages. To start with the college was offering Pre-University Course (PUC) with History major Prof R. Mariappan who was appointedon 26-06-1973 was the only faculty member handling history classes. With the introduction of B.A. degree course in History in 1977 new appointments were  made.Dr G. Venkatesan (07-07-1977), Mr. V. Vijayaragavan(01-04-1979), Dr.P. Gomathinayagam (21-08-1978) and Dr. A. Subramanian (22-01-1960) have joined the department. Later Mr. V. Vijayaragavan migrated to Mannar Thirumalai Nayakkar College, Madurai on 03-12-1981. Mr. S. Ravichandran was appointed in his place on 29-01-1982. From 1983 the department has started offering Post Graduate Degree Course in History. Consequently Dr. P. Chandrasekaran and Mr. K. S. Krishnasamy were included in the faculty as new members on 02-09-1983. Following them Mr. J. Dharmaraj serving in the Department of History. Government Arts College, Melur, Madurai District joined the department on 01-08-1984 on the basis of migration during this period our department was one among the few colleges in the Madurai Kamaraj University region offering P.G. Course in History. When Dr. G. Venkatesan, Head of the Department got promoted as the Principal. Mr. R. Mariyappan became the Head of the Department and he continued in that capacity till his retirement from the service on 31-05-1992. He was succeeded by Dr. P. Gomathinayagam as Head of the Department on 02-06-1992. When he was appointed as Controller of Examination, Manonmanian Sundaranar University, Thirunelveli  and he joined there on 13-07-2002. Dr. A. Subramanian took up the responsibility of Heading the department since 13-07-2002 retired from the service in November 2005. At present Dr. V. Venkatraman, Principal is the Head of the Department. However for administrative purposes Dr. S. Ravichandran is heading the Department. In the mean time, with the migration Mr. K.S. Krishnasamy to Patchippas College, Chennai (09-03-1990)nand retirement of Mr. R. Mariappan (28-02-1996) and Dr. G. Venkatesan (31-03-1991) fresh appointments were made. Dr. G. Radhakrishnan (01-10-1985) Dr. P.S. Chandraprabhu (20.01.1986). Dr. V. Venkatraman (28-03-1990), Dr. D. Venkateswaran (29-06-1990) and Dr. K. Ramesh Kumar (23-11-1994) have joined the Department among them Dr. G. Radhakrishnan was serving in the college as an administrative staff. Having completed P.G. Degree in History , which was the minimum qualification for lecture post. He joined the department. After completing his service as a Reader, he retired from the service in 31-05-2006. Dr. P. Chandrasekaran and Mr. R. Jaganath were appointed om 03-12-2007. On 23-03-2009 Mr. Ebi James was also appointed. In the place of Dr. P. Chandrasekaran and Mr. J. Dharmaraj, Mr. Kandasamy and Mr. p. Velmurugan were appointed through Parents Teachers Association on 22-07-2009. Dr. S. Ravichandran retired on 31-05-2013. Dr. P. S. Chandraprabhu assumed as the head. The year 1993 is the mile stone in the history of the Deparment of History because it was the year in which the department entered the phase of offering M.Phil. Research Degree. This course is the self-finance course of the department on 01-06-2013. Faculty Members at present
  1. Dr.V. Venkatraman- Principal & Head -Research Centre in History
  2. Dr. D. Venkateshwaran -HOD
  3. Dr. K. Ramesh Kumar-Associate Professor
  4. Dr. R. Jaganath- Assistant Professor
  5. Dr. D. Ebi James- Assistant Professor
  6. Dr. B. Kandasamy- Assistant Professor
  7. Mrs. R. Jayshree- Assistant Professor
  8. Dr. B. Sreelakshmi- Assistant Professor
  9. Mr. R. Sakthivel- Assistant Professor
  10. Mr. P. R. Ramji- Assistant Professor